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A Mikvah is one of the most important and vital aspects of Jewish life. One should even sell a Sefer Torah to fund the building of a mikvah if necessary.
Those who appreciated Mikvah have had to travel to Maitland to use the only Mikvah in the region, built by Chabad of Greater Orlando. Decades have passed and Chabad and the Jewish community in South Orlando grew, and travel to the north side of town has become an arduous trip, and the need for a Mikvah in South Orlando is now integral.
The new South Orlando Mikvah will be built in Doctor Phillips, on the property of Chabad’s Center for Jewish Life, in the heart of the South Orlando community, which is also near the tourist areas, with easy access from all the hotels and resorts.
This pristine, modern Mikvah will combine aesthetics with spirituality, providing an uplifting, rejuvenating and meaningful mikvah experience. This mikvah will ensure that thousands of women are able to maintain the highest standards of spiritual purity, giving local Orlando women the opportunity to observe this holy Mitzvah, and transforming visitors’ vacation into a spiritual experience.
The Mikvah opens a connection to eternal Jewish spirituality and gives the gift of purity and transcendence to the individual, the community, and the Jewish people as a whole.

$2,700,000 RAISED


Dedication Opportunities

Men’s Mikvah Naming Dedication


Women’s Mikvah Naming Dedication


Men’s Mikvah Room


Women’s Mikvah Room


Lobby & Reception Area


Women’s Mikvah Pool


Men’s Mikvah Pool


Keilim Mikvah Dedication


Preparation Rooms


Mikvah Finishes


Rainwater Pool


Walkway to Purity


Natilat Yadayim Corner


Mezuzah Dedications


Fountain of Life Plaque


Building Cornerstone


Founders Wall







Tree of Life

Gold Leaf


Silver Leaf


Bronze Leaf


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